Group Fitness Class Description

Beginner = Fitness-green   Medium = Fitness-yellow   Advanced = Fitness-red

Les Mills Classes from Newseeland

BODYPUMP   green Yellow red

BODYPUMPThe original barbell training from New Zealand to energetic music. You create muscle strength! Get the stamina! Have fun with it! This barbell training in the group is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. All major muscle groups of the body are defined and practiced. The body is specifically strengthened and shaped. Barbells with adjustable weight even let each participant train optimally and targeted.



BODYATTACK Intensive, athletic interval workout ... which will take the participants to their limits. The unbeatable combination of high-low - Impact gives BODYATTACK his character. Different movements at high speed in combination with motivating music provides unique fun! BODY ATTACK is the ultimate explosion in Group-fitness area, it is HIGH ENERGY!


LMISTEPAgility! Stamina! Fat Loss! Force! LMI - Step energy-booster! Fitness and sports medicine professionals have worked on this step workout with the future. An all-round training for men and women of all fitness levels. Sophisticated movements to great music make this interval workout for each an experience.
LMI STEP...........(Video)

“Cardiovasculäre Fitness”

GRIT-CARDIOThe workout using your own body weight and an emphasis on speed and intensity that pushes the fat burning and your cardiovascular fitness. As with all courses of LES MILLS ™ and GRIT CARDIO every three months, appears new, with contemporary music and choreography perfectly matched.

GRIT CARDIO...........(Video)

BODYBALANCE   green y r

It's your body - it is your mind - it is your harmony. Body Balance is a blend of tai - chi, yoga, Pilates and Feldenkrais. A combination of music with traditional eastern strengthening and relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, stretching and meditation. The sense of one's own body is encouraged, strengthened the powers of concentration, mobility and posture improves.


“Kick and punch your way ...”

BODYCOMBATBODYCOMBAT is the power­ful cardio workout where you can get started absolutely free. This highly ener­ge­tic program is inspired by martial arts and uses a large number of disciplines such as karate, boxing, Taekwondo, Tai Chi and Muay Thai. Cheered on by driving music and inspiring instructors strike, boxing and kickst you free of calories and superior cardio fitness. As with all courses of LES MILLS ™ and BODYCOMBAT every three months, appears new, with contemporary music and choreography perfectly matched.

CXWORX   g y r
“It just works”

CXWORX 30-minute workout for anyone who wants to train the body effectively.
C: Core - entire trunk musculature,
X: Cross Training - Training of the diagonal muscle slings,
WORX: - comprehensive promise of science-based training method. It just works !!!
Sport Evidence-Based Tube-and mat exercises are strengthening the core / trunk area, define muscles and increase the overall stability of the body. CXWORX takes into account the individual performance of the participants. So everyone can be personal goal reachable.


Indoor-Cycling   g y r
“Feel the energy…”

Cycling/SpinningIndoor Cyling is easy on the joints, intense workout on stationary bikes, which trained strength and endurance and bring the metabolism to speed. Through the tireless drive of our instructors are insur­mountable limits and targets closer.

ZUMBA   g y r

ZUMBA-LogoZUMBAZUMBA dancing for Fitness! ZUMBA: Fun and easy to do! Latin American and other exotic rhythms support flowing ZUMBA dance basic steps such as merengue, Cumba, Salsa and Reggeaton to this in a sudorific ZUMBA - Dance - Fitness - transforming workout! ZUMBA is a perfect workout that strengthens, tones, improves endurance AND ...... just fun and pleasure.


Brazil Butt   g y r
“Make your butt ready for the beach!!!”

Brazil Butt is a training program that makes New York, Miami and Hollywood sensation. In Brazil Butt is all about the butt. With old and new exercises the butt is trained as he was never trained. Intensive! To hot sounds from Ipanema.

   g y r
“Feel better and get stronger with modern DANCE!!!”

Dance is a mix of pop, jazz, Lyrical and Hip Hop etc .. In Group Fitness course you have fun and joy by learning a Choreography. The teaching consists of three parts.
It starts with a basic warm up, consisting of Streching a few ballet techniques and Modern Dance. By this warm up a higher flexibility of Muscles can be achieved and you increase your mobility. The next part consists of a strength training, such as  an abdominal workout and some leg / arm Exercises. Strengthening of stomach and back is achieved.

Yoga   g y r
“Strong and centered…”

YOGAThe mix of interlocking cross movements, combined with proper breathing and body tension, brings their own wellbeing reappear. Focus this hour: muscle strengthening, improved posture, mobilization, flexibility and of course relaxing. Relaxed for the weekend is the motto of this hour that consists of 32 asanas.

Pilates   g y r
“The powerhouse…”

PILATESA total body workout based on stretching and strengthening exercises. Above all belly, pelvis and spine, the "powerhouse" strengthened. By static holding exercises, slow movements and constant body tension several muscle groups simultaneously required. At the end of the day makes the relaxation of the body and the conscious feel new energy will be released.

Bauch Fit   g y r
“Wer träumt nicht davon?”

30 minutes intense, balanced abdominal training under the guidance of our instructors. For every feasible ... because the journey is the reward! These abdominal exercises are the way to tighter abdominal muscles. These are the hallmark of a trained, aesthetic body.


TRX-Training   g y r
“Ein Schritt voraus, core stability ...”TRX

Pushups, squats and pull-ups. With the TRX band They vary traditional exercises and use your body weight as resistance. The goal is to strengthen your body tension and the deep muscles. Weight reduction is just one of the benefits of TRX Training, because even for muscle building as well as for fitness and coordination improve the training is perfect. By training in groups of two, the team spirit is required and it is one of the most effective total body workout in the world. We select 300 exercises suitable for you and agree the workout tailored to your fitness level from.
Let's work on gravity itself!

Wirbelsäulen Fit (Flexi-Bar & XCO's)   g y r
“Kreuz mit dem Kreuz”?

FLEXIBARSedentary behavior and generally poor posture contribute more to this "disease of civilization" of today. With various tools such as Fitballs and Flexi-Bar is made remedy these problems. Whether sitting on a ball, standing, moving, or balancing, this hour provides for every fitness level and any age is an excellent full-body workout. Strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination are required at this time. After a few hours successes are seen and felt.

Cardio Workout   g y r
“Rücken spezial mit XCO's”Esther

Here the class "spezial back exercise" through the help of XCO`s (physiotherapy plyometric device) and the Step extended. With the Flexi-Bar the deep muscles of the back are strengthened. The use of XCO`s promotes fat burning and improves the deep connective tissue.

TAI BO   g y r
“TAI BO: Kick and punch your way ...”

Cheered on by driving music and inspiring instructors strike, boxing and kickst you free yourself of calories and to superior cardio fitness.

Rücken Fit   g yy r

“Steigerung der Lebensqualität…”

Increases by a powerful and flexible body, the quality of life. Sedentary activities and unilateral pressures often lead to back pain, tension and attitude errors. As part of a varied full body workout here functional, healthy and easy to perform exercises from modern back exercises, strength training, yoga and Pilates are taught to implement and easy for anyone to incorporate into everyday life are. Existing back complaints are alleviated or eliminated and new prevented.

Bodystyling   g y r
“Sculpt, tone, define…”

The ideal lesson for all who want something for "the make-up under the skin" to do. To come to his ideal body closer, we have everything you need on site. Balls, Flexi-bars, tubes, weights, and more are used to achieve quick results.