Season Offer: 39,-€ monthly until end of December
(terminable until end of December)

Kinds of membership:

6-, 12-, 24- month memberships
Fitday 12-, 24- month memberships (every day from opening until 5 p.m.)
Fitday special 12- month memberships (Mo - Fr 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm Uhr)
Cheap Student rates (6 - and 12-months)
 6-Month memberships are terminable monthly after the Initial Term!
 Only Fitdaytarifs have a time restriction.
  If you start during the month you will only be charged pro rata.


Without a contract (no additional costs)

monthly ticket student (beginn at any day, 30/31 days)
monthly ticket (beginn at any day, 30/31 days)
monthly ticket Fitday (to 5pm, beginn at any day, 30/31 days)
10-Points card (10 days, 2 years valid)
weekly ticket (7 consecutive days)
day tickets

Phone:   +49(0)89-12737746

Feel free to ask our receptionist for advice without any obligation.

In all rates are included:
- Personal service by our professional trainer
- All Group Fitness classes and all Les Mills classes
- Wellness (Finnish sauna, steam bath, relaxing room)
- Childcare

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