Step into Fitness

The Les Mills BODYSTEP program is a very energetic step workout. Elegant and simple movements provide with animating music for the right motivation for effective fat burning. This invigorates the mind and body and brings you the right momentum. The LMI STEP/BODYSTEP program from Les Mills boosts your fat burning intensely. In addition, your stamina is greatly improved and the muscles and the tissues (especially leg and buttocks muscles) streamlined. The BODYSTEP program is very varied and lots of fun guaranteed!

What distinguishes the  Les Mills BODYSTEP program from other step workouts? It's simple: Each step is matched to the beat of the music. This promotes coordination!

Why Les Mills BODYSTEP/ LMI STEP so effectiv?

  1. Optimale Definition des Körpers
  2. maximum fat burning
  3. Strengthening of the trunk and buttocks muscles
  4. Improve heart-lung capacity

The Les Mills BODYSTEP Program is the ultimate butt-muscle workout. Please come and visit us and attend a trial. You will not regret it guaranteed!